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Vegetables and fruits plants

Dodge’s Agway in 3 convenient New Hampshire locations: Hampton Falls, Plaistow and Exeter offers the best farm, lawn, garden and pet supplies. From turf seed and animal feed to vegetable and flower seeds, we have a huge inventory to fulfil the needs of farm, garden and lawn owners. Whether it’s garden care products or specialty pet food, you are sure to find them at our store. We also offer quality vegetable plants, flower plants, mulches and soils.

Organic Sources of Nutrients

Plants need adequate nutrients to thrive. Providing these nutrients from organic sources helps maintain the health of the soil ecosystem. The best way to identify exactly what your soil needs is by soil testing. Soil should be tested when new soil is brought into the garden, when poor plant growth indicates something is wrong, and also routinely every few years. Forms and instructions for soil testing are available at These are some common organic nutrient sources, and tips on their use: Nitrogen: Composted Manure, Fish Emulsion, Blood Meal, and Soybean Meal Composted Manure and Fish Emulsion are slow-release forms of Nitrogen. Add to garden in late autumn to be ready for spring. Blood meal and Soybean meal are relatively fast-acting. Phosphorous: Composted Manure, Worm Castings, and Rock Phosphate Rock Phosphate requires acid soil for release. Do not use in soil with a PH above 7. Potassium: Hardwood ashes and Greensand Wood ash also raises soil PH rapidly. Do not exceed 20 lbs. /1000 ft. Do not use on acid loving plants (Blueberries, Rhododendrons, Azaleas, etc.). You can use wood ash to correct immediate deficiencies. Greensand releases potassium slowly. Apply 10 lbs. /100 ft. of Greensand to a first year garden, and following years add 1 lb. /100 ft. Calcium: *Dolomitic Lime-raises PH and supplies Magnesium *Calcite Lime (Calcium Sulfate) – does not supply Magnesium, but does raise PH. *Gypsum (Calcium Sulfate)-supplies Calcium, but does not change PH. Gypsum will improve structure of clay soil. Magnesium: *Sul-Po-Mag-use if Potassium is needed *Epsom Salt (Magnesium Sulfate)-use if only Magnesium is needed Sulfur: *Sul-Po-Mag-use if Potassium and Magnesium are needed

Minor Elements

Minor elements are essential for plant growth, but are usually present in adequate amounts in soil rich in organic matter. They are often present in other nutrient sources, and are not tested in soil testing. Testing for minor elements requires tissue testing to identify a specific deficiency. Boron deficiency sometimes occurs in Broccoli and Cauliflower. Use Twenty mule Team Borax, 1/2 lb. Borax per 1000 sq. ft. Examples of Minor Elements are: *Boron *Zinc *Molybdenum *Copper *Chlorine *Iron *Manganese

Animal Feed and Grain

We are proud to stock Poulin Grain and Blue Seal Feeds. Both companies mill their feeds right here in New England, so while providing you their excellent quality, we are also doing business at home and serving our community! We are a Platinum award winning dealer for Poulin Grain, and we have sold quality Blue Seal Feeds for several decades. We stock Purina Feeds, Speedi-Beet, and Fibre-Beet as well. Our careful feed selection process allows us to stand behind our products with the confidence you’ve come to expect from Dodge’s! Visit one of our grain stores in New Hampshire today. We stock Poulin Grain, Blue Seal Feeds, Purina Feeds, Triple CrownThrive Feed and Coolstance. We also stock fly sprays, wormers, and many other products to help with your equine needs.

Shavings, Hay and Straw

It’s important that you get the right shavings. We stock premium soft shavings at a reasonable price. Our regular supplier is Robbins Shavings. Shavings for $5.99 per bale and Feed Hay for $9.99 per bale.

Equine Supplies and Supplements

Chaffhaye, Digest It, EquiSea, Speedi-Beet and Fibre-Beet.

Pet Food and Supplies

Our customers are very particular about what they feed their pets, because they care about their health and happiness. We all demand high quality food and at a fair price. You will certainly be happy with our many selections, but if you don’t see a special food that we’ve listed, just let us know and we can often specially order it for you ahead of time. We stock food, toys, snacks and other accessories for dogs, cats, birds and guinea pigs. If you’re looking for the best quality food for your pets along with an excellent selection of dishes, accessories and other care items, then you’ll find it all here. We love our pets too and have just the right selection to help you care for yours. We carry the following brands: Blue Seal, Science Diet, Taste of the Wild, Merrick Pet Food, Fromm, Wellness, Earthborn, Holistic and Diamond.

Vegetable and Flower Seeds and Plants

We have a seasonal assortment of flowers, plants and vegetable plants. Our vegetable plants are grown by a family member right here in Hampton Falls. All of our vegetable and flower plants are local – grown right here in New Hampshire! Our shrubs are grown in Connecticut – and we sell vegetable, flower and shrub varieties that perform well in our area.

Wild Bird Food and Feeders

It’s not enough to have an excellent feeder at your home or office. You need to find the right wild bird food to match the species that you’d like to attract as well. It took 7 years to develop our own wild bird food mix that is specially made for southeastern New Hampshire birds. Along with an excellent selection of feed, ask us about selecting the right mix for your feeder and we’ll be glad to help. We have a wide selection of wild bird food, including Feathered Friend and Blue Seal, plus our own specialty mixes made right on the premises! Bird feeders and houses bring the wild right to your own back yard. Enjoy this wonderfully peaceful and often entertaining addition to your home. We sell high quality products from several well-known and reputable companies. If you want a well-made bird feeder or house that is built to last, then come to one of our New Hampshire locations! We have many fun and intriguing feeders and houses from which to choose.

Lawn and Garden Supplies

We love our lawn and gardens and we know that you do too! There are many factors that go into cultivating your perfect lawn and garden. We’ve made sure to stock the right products to help you do just that. To that end, we sell wonderful organic products, like Coast of Maine, Espoma, Coop Poop, Kreher’s Organics and North Country Organics. Check out our excellent stock, literally tons and tons of high-quality, custom-made grass seed blends just right for our area. Remember, if you’re not sure which one to buy, just ask us and we’ll be glad to help. We sell Lebanon Seaboard professional grade fertilizers as well. Ask us about our free pH soil tests so you know how much lime you need on your lawn. We sell premium-grade bagged mulches, top soil, peat moss, cow manure, and many other gardening supplies in our New Hampshire locations. You will love our service and selection and you’ll smile at our fair prices!

Turf Seed

We carry a large variety of turf seed for grass, field and garden including our very own custom blended grass seed that performs exceptionally well in our area.

Wood Pellets and Coal

We carry Cubex hardwood pellets and Comfy Cozy softwood pellets. Please call for current pricing.

We are Suppliers of the Following:

  • Agway
  • Agway Seeds
  • Agway Water Softener Salt
  • American Fiber Wood Pellets
  • Arett
  • Bayer
  • Blue Seal Feeds
  • Bonide
  • Botanical Interests
  • Coast of Maine Soils
  • Cubex Wood Pellets – Lauzon
  • Droll Yankee Bird Feeders
  • Espoma
  • Fromm
  • Hart’s Seeds
  • Lebanon Seaboard
  • Morton Salt
  • Morton Water Softener Salt
  • Poulin Grain
  • Seedway
  • Semican International
  • Southern States Cooperative
  • Taste of the Wild
  • Wellness

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