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  • For Poulin Grain, these three equine feeds are on sale for $13.49:
  • Equi Pro Performance 10:12 text.
  • Equi Pro Performax 12:12 text.
  • Equi Pro ProMax 12:12 pellet
  • For Blue Seal Feeds, these two equine feeds are on sale:
  • Sentinel Senior $18.99
  • Sentinel LS $19.99

horse in fieldAre you looking for a professional dealer specializing in farm and gardening supplies? Then choose Dodge’s Agway with 3 convenient New Hampshire locations. We have been providing the best products available in the farm and garden industry for the last 40 years. We offer knowledgeable advice and friendly service to New Hampshire Seacoast and North Shore area in Massachusetts. We offer both organic and conventional solutions to farming and gardening. At our store, you will find pet food, soil, straw, water softeners and wood pellets. We also have vegetable and flower plants as well as seeds.


Dodge’s Agway was founded in 1975 in order to provide only the best products possible in the farm and garden industry together with knowledgeable advice and friendly service in order to improve the overall long term value of your lawn, farm and garden experience. We are committed to being your first and most comprehensive solution for anything “farm”, “lawn”, “garden” or “pet”.

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Feel free to contact us to learn more about our upcoming events and special offers. At our store you will find a wide selection of farm, lawn and garden supplies. We also offer free soil PH testing.