Lazy Summer Days

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It’s finally July, and it’s hot and humid. We are NOT complaining, though. After this past winter, we welcome the sunny days and heat! However, both the heat and humidity brings us some lawn and garden challenges.

You may notice patches of discoloration in your lawn. This is typically a lawn fungus – either dollar spot, rust or many other types of disease. We have the solutions for this – in liquid or granular form. Stop in and ask for lawn fungus control! At the same time, we recommend an extra dose of fertilizer to help push the disease out. Fungus comes to us in the form of spores which are in the air. If the plant is under any stress, whether it be humidity or cold temperatures, or even drought, disease will attempt to take over. Another problem can be found in your gardens – black spot has started to show up on roses and perennials. We have conventional and organic remedies. Stop in to protect your plants.

It is not too late to treat your lawn to prevent grub infestations this month. Spring started out very slowly this year, so we recommend that you apply the product now for best results. We have products from Scotts, Bayer and Agway.

We encourage you to purchase and take delivery of your wood pellets now. We have an excellent supply of them, and our vendors are already concerned about supply throughout the winter as more and more people are installing pellet stoves. See us before our vendors increase prices this fall!

Check out our July promotions on our Specials page.  We have a great deal on horse feed from Blue Seal and Poulin. If you need to purchase wormer or horse fly spray, we have a nice selection on sale for you. As always, be sure to let us know if you have any questions!

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