It's Official! Spring is Here!

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You know it’s spring when customers are asking about bedding plants. Our pansies arrived this week and they look great! We also have some one quart perennials at a super buy. After such a long winter, the temptation to plant something green and also blooming is too great to resist! What are some other harbingers of spring? Full loads of fertilizer arriving daily, starter feeds selling again for chicks, lambs, piglets and sheep. Speaking of chicks, our baby chicks have arrived! We have a lot of varieties of layer hen chicks, and all come to us vaccinated and sexed. For those folks looking to raise meat birds, we carry those as well. We are also taking orders for turkey poults.

We love this time of year! After a winter of dark nights, too much snow and very cold temperatures, a warm breeze is so welcome! We know, we live in New England, so the weather can change on a moment’s notice. But we appreciate every sign of spring we can get, don’t we? What are your favorite signs of spring?

Lots of new product is coming in daily. Strawberry plants, raspberry plants and blueberry plants are here! Look for our vegetable plants to arrive by the end of April. They are locally grown right in Hampton Falls! Annuals, hanging plants, perennials and roses will arrive shortly after that. Seed potatoes are also coming soon, as well as onion sets. Our sweet onion plants are here, sold in bundles of 25. Enjoy this first taste of spring as you tend your garden!

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