Happy Holidays

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We are so excited for this time of year! As I type this, the snow is falling in big, fluffy flakes, and our minds have turned from harvest to a slower, easier time of year.

Wood pellets are still leaving our yards at a rapid pace. We have ordered and received 10 loads of American Premium Softwood Pellets from Virginia. Our customers have been very pleased with them – they have high BTUs and low ash. We continue to receive shipments of Cubex and Energex, although our allotment of Cubex has been reduced. We do have coal in stock! Contact us to arrange for delivery.

It is time for our Christmas sale! Keith has arranged for great pricing on all varieties, especially Black Oil Sunflower, Dodge’s Mix and 10# Thistle. We also have a great deal on Suet Plus in 4 flavors. Don’t pass up the opportunity to get stocked up for the winter!

Our Christmas trees are here, and as usual, they are gorgeous. We are holding the line on the price – $29.99 each.

Stop in for lots of other great deals on books, canning supplies, Purina wildlife blocks and flock blocks, pet toys & treats, dog beds and gloves. If you have a hard-to-shop-for member of your family, check us out. Many of our customers find unique gifts that can make your list a little shorter! We hope everyone has a terrific holiday season. We sincerely appreciate your business!

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