Finally - April is here!

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We have reached the first day of April, and it is starting to feel like spring outside. If we ignore the piles of snow on the ground, we can almost feel the warmer rays of the sun.

Whether or not our lawns are bare, our April sale is in full swing. We have lawn fertilizers, lime, Coast of Maine soils, mulches and potting soils all on sale. We carry organic and conventional solutions to anything you might be dealing with, including snow mold, grubs, mole and vole damage, and crabgrass prevention.

It is baby chick time again! We have chicks arriving weekly, and we offer a terrific assortment of varieties. There is no minimum amount to purchase, but we recommend at least 4-6 to ensure a good result. Chickens are flock animals and do much better with company.

Stop in soon to pick up our new flyer!

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