Summertime news

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July has arrived and has the promise of some summer weather. We have had an excellent spring, even though we had lots of colder-than-normal temperatures and an abundance of rain in June.

Poulin Feed is running their $ixth $ense promotion. Six feeds are on special: Chick Starter, Pig Grower Pellets, Hay Extender, Endurance Sport, Challenger 14:8 and Sprint Extreme. Stop in soon to take advantage of these sale items! Promo runs through July 31!

We are starting to see some lawn and garden fungus problems. We have conventional and organic treatments for your garden, and liquid and granular solutions for your lawn. A good rule of thumb is to also apply a dose of fertilizer around the same time as you treat for fungus, as it will help reduce plant stress. Don’t forget to treat for ticks. It has proven to be another troublesome year. We have liquid and granular treatments to take care of those nasty insects!

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