Lazy Summer Days

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Wow – it’s already August! We are seeing lots of questions about garden and lawn problems.

You may notice patches of discoloration in your lawn. This is typically a lawn fungus – either dollar spot, rust or many other types of disease. We have the solutions for this – in liquid or granular form. Stop in and ask for lawn fungus control! At the same time, we recommend an extra dose of fertilizer to help push the disease out.

We are hearing from our gardeners about disease and insect issues. It’s that time of year – humidity and any kind of cool temperatures at night bring on fungus. We recommend treating with conventional fungicide like Daconil or Fungonil, or we also have organic treatments available. As soon as you see disease, apply it. Or better yet, treat before you see the problem! Fungicides work best as a preventive treatment. Are you seeing evidence of garden plants being chewed on? Stop in for Bonide’s Eight (conventional pesticide) or Captain Jack’s Deadbug Brew (organic pesticide).

Wood pellets orders are starting to flow in. We still encourage you to purchase and take delivery of your wood pellets now. We have an excellent supply of them, and our vendors are already concerned about supply throughout the winter as more and more people are installing pellet stoves. See us before our vendors increase prices this fall!

Enjoy the rest of the summer in your back yard – we have mosquito repellants and killers which make being outside much more enjoyable. Just ask us for the solution that fits you best!

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