• Allows you to choose the varieties you want
  • Have transplants ready when you need them (Ever try to find broccoli plants for a fall crop?)

Dodge’s offers a wide selection of seeds, including organic and non-GMO varieties


  • Free-draining, sterile planting medium
  • Water
  • Air
  • The correct air and soil temperature
  • Sufficient levels of light


  • Seeds are usually started a set number of weeks before last spring frost
  • Seed packages generally supply this information
  • Starting seeds too early leads to lanky, weak seedlings

We have seed starting schedules available on request


  • Many different types of containers can be used
  • Containers must be clean
  • Containers must have adequate drainage holes

Dodge’s carries seed starting inserts and trays, peat pots , peat pellets and nursery pots


  • Do not use outdoor soil
  • Make sure to use fine-textured seed starter for small seeds

Our selection of media includes Espoma organic seed starter, Fox Farms light warrior seed starter and Pro-mix


  • Moisten medium with warm water before sowing
  • Sow sparingly
  • Cover tray or container after seeding to increase humidity
  • Place tray out of direct sunlight until seeds germinate
  • Applying bottom heat hastens most germination
  • Check seeds daily- do not allow to dry out

Humidity domes and heating mats are available at Dodge’s


  • Move seedlings to light as soon as they begin to germinate
  • A southern window with all day sun is essential. Supplementary lights may still be needed
  • Keep supplementary lights 3-6 inches from top of the seedlings
  • Keep seedlings on the dry side-they should not be constantly wet
  • Seedlings will not need much fertilizer initially. Begin to use liquid fertilizer according to package instructions 3-4 weeks after germination

We carry a variety of grow lights
Try our line of Neptune’s Harvest liquid fertilizers


  • A 1-2 week period of gradual exposure to outdoor conditions
  • Protect seedlings from direct sunlight and wind during hardening off
  • Bring seedlings in at night during this period, especially if cold temperatures are expected

Harvest-guard fabric provides wind and sun protection during hardening off

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