Wilt PrufWith the end of daylight savings time, it is starting to feel like Fall here in southern New Hampshire.  The race is on to complete yard work ahead of the first snowfall.  This means you may need to pick up a new rake or leaf bags.  We also encourage you to treat your shrubs with Wilt-Pruf, which protects them from drying out in the winter winds.  Early this spring we saw a lot of winter kill.  It is easy to prevent this.  Simply apply Wilf-Pruf now and again in January during the January thaw.  Your shrubs will thank you!

We are already receiving in our spring inventory.  It is exciting to look ahead to another growing season!  If the thought of winter gets you down, plant some Fall bulbs.  It is comforting to imagine new shoots and flowers appearing just when Winter seems like it will never end.

Have you applied your last fertilizer treatment for the year?  If not, this is a good time to get it down.  We recommend a final treatment in the fall so that the ground can store nutrients for an early Spring green-up.

Our Christmas trees will be in the week of Thanksgiving!  Folks really like our pretty, nicely-shaped Balsam Firs.  We keep the price low for you, too!

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