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Animal feedWe invite you to read the company blog of Dodge’s Agway in New Hampshire. Our companies specialize in farm supply, lawn supply, garden supply as well as pet supply. We not only offer the products but also advise our customers on the right product. Rely on us to provide you with only the best quality products.

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We believe in giving back to the community through our community support program. Dodge’s Agway offers farm and garden learning programs regularly. Call now to learn more.

  • Fall Rose Care

    Putting roses to bed for the winter is a critical factor in their survival here in the Seacoast Area. If the following simple steps are followed, the gardener should achieve 90% success with average winter conditions.


    The best time to start a new lawn is in the fall. The cool season grasses in our area will grow in cooler weather, with less weed interference. Here is our suggested method:

  • Pollinators and Pesticides

    Please come for an informative night for all people interested in learning about raising poultry. Bring plenty of questions. We will supply refreshments!

    Our own John Dodge will also be in attendance and will be available to answer questions.

  • Tips for Beginning Gardeners

    Don’t plant more than you can easily tend in your allotted gardening time.
    Begin by growing vegetables you buy regularly at the grocery.


    ADVANTAGES: Allows you to choose the varieties you want Have transplants ready when you need them (Ever try to find broccoli plants for a fall crop?) Dodge’s offers a wide selection of seeds, including organic and non-GMO varieties WHAT SEEDS NEED: Free-draining, sterile planting medium Water Air The correct air and soil temperature Sufficient levels of light WHEN TO SOW: Seeds are usually started a set number of weeks before last spring frost Seed packages generally supply this information Starting